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Eze Village, Costa Azurra The medieval town of Eze extends from the sea to the mountains, surrounded by lush citrus trees, palms and orange trees, which bear witness to the mild climate that prevails here throughout the year. A year-round destination that is worth a visit. Travelers who know of this gem, the old architecture […]


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The coastal city of Cannes is famous for its film festival and the fashionable chic Promenade ‘la Croisette’. Cannes is a sunny, clean and elegant city with a long, wide beach. The Promenade la Croisette is a very elegant avenue. In the “Vieux Port” you can enjoy views of the nicest and most impressive yachts […]


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Sainte-Agnès is part of the French Maritime Alps region Provence-Alpes Cote d’Azur. The famous French Riviera. With a height of 800 meters, the city is dominating the entire zone. Just 10 km from Menton Sainte-Agnès is the highest coastal city in Europe. It is certainly worth a visit. It is a maze of narrow alleys […]