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Hanbury Botanical Gardens and Villa

Jardini Hambury - Riviera Italienne
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The gardens of Villa Hanbury located in the village of Mortola are located at the coast between Ventimiglia and the French border, Menton. The garden is situated above the beautiful Cape Mortola, near the famous beach “Balzi Rossi” and the archaeological museum.

The botanical gardens of Villa Hanbury, founded in 1867 by Sir Thomas Hanbury, have a variety of exotic plants from all over the world.
Entrance prices: about 7.5 euros.
Tickets and information: Tel and Fax 0184.229507

Website: www.giardinihanbury.com

The bay of ‘Latte’

Unforgettable moments of relaxation and fun are guaranteed for the whole family on the beautiful beach of ‘Latte’ located at just a 3 minutes walk from the campingsite Por la Mar.

The Bay of “Latte” with its cliffs overlooking the sea and the crystal clear water with hidden treasures on the seabed landscape is worth exploring for diving enthusiasts.

Baia Beniamin, Riviera dei Fiori

From Ventimiglia towards the border with France, you can discover the bay ‘Baia Benjamin’ (just 2 km from the campsite) beautiful (pebble) beach between Cape Mortola and the new port of Menton Garavan.

Balzi Rossi and Grimaldi, Flowers Riviera

Grimaldi (2km from the campsite) is a small picturesque town of Ventimiglia on the Riviera di Ponente, between Ventimiglia and Ponte S. Luigi, the border with France. Below the village lies the beach of Baia Bemjamin and Balzi Rossi.

The beach Balzi Rossi with its bright white pebbles is protected in a bay and surrounded by large red rocks. You will find a small “luxury” beach club with sun beds and a restaurant. Guaranteed a relaxing day at sea and in nature.

The Prehistoric Museum and the archaeological site of Balzi Rossi (IM)
is one of the major prehistoric finds in Europe. The Balzi_Rossi preserved traces of the ancient Roman road that led to the caves of “Gallia”. The Balzi Rossi (“Pietre rosse’ in the dialect “red bricks “) are named after the color of the rocks at the mouth of the cave. The site consists of caves and rock shelters, which through the millennia many animal remains and stone tools were found, left by prehistoric man from the Lower Paleolithic (ca. 250,000 years ago) and the Upper Paleolithic (from 35,000 to 10,000 years ago). During this period include the majority of the exhibits in both museums and caves of the Balzi Rossi tombs, stone sculptures, wood carvings and many stone tools and utensils such as knives, arrowheads and scrapers.

Ventimiglia, Riviera of Flowers

Riviera dei Fiori

Riviera dei Fiori

The town of Ventimiglia, the eighth most populated in urban areas in the region is divided into two parts by the river Roya, which here flows into the Ligurian Sea, a medieval area located on a hill on his right side, Ventimiglia Alta, and the right side of the river, the modern part of town.

Ventimiglia has hosted major international events like the floral parade, the medieval feast, the regional final of Miss Italy, and the large weekly market on Friday, one of the first of its kind in Italy and Europe. The city is surrounded by mountains and beautiful nature. Ventimiglia holds all the cards for you as a visitor to enjoy a holiday and the charm of the Riviera Ligure Ponente.

Ventimiglia town, 6 km from the campsite, is an Italian city in the province of Imperia in Liguria, including the adjacent municipalities Camporosso, Vallecrosia and Bordighera, constitutes a large city great magnitude for the region.

The ancient town is called ‘Ventimiglia Alta’, the old town is rich in history. Within the city walls, one enters through the pedestrian alleys and narrow streets, past old buildings and monuments. Fascinating: the convent of the Canonesses Lateran, the Cathedral with the Baptistery, the former church of St. Francis, the City Library, the Church of St. Michael and the medieval city walls.

The Fort, one of the best panoramic views of the Riviera dei Fiori. The construction was part of a defensive complex, and was connected with walkways and underground passages at the San Paolo ford. The Museum at the ford, founded in 1876 by the scholar Jerome Rossi Ventimiglia (1839-1914), is permanently installed in 1989.

The ancient Roman theater Albintimilium built in Ventimiglia, near the Via Julia Augusta, between the second and third centurie, in the western part of the Ligurian city. The semicircular structure is largely covered with a white limestone from the French town of ‘La Turbie’ right above Monaco. It would have been appropriate for a maximum of two thousand seats 5,000 spectators, who were present at shows mostly comedies, dances and mimes. It is one of the smallest of its kind. The site was abandoned in the fourth century.

Website: www.ventimiglia.biz/


Inland in the green, just 5 km from the sea Dolceacqua. A typical medieval village of Val Nervia received an orange flag by the Italian Touring Club. The oldest part of town is dominated by the castle of the Doria called by the residents ‘Terra’. The modern part, on the other side of the river stretches the sides of the road up through the valley.

Dolceacqua is part of the Comunità Montana Intemelia. A mountain district of Liguria in the province of Imperia, formed by the cities: Airole, Apricale, Bayard, Castel Vittorio, Dolceacqua, Isolabona, Olivetta San Michele, Perinaldo, Pigna, Rocchetta Nervina, San Biagio della Cima, Seborga, Soldano and Vallebona .

The city and region is famous for its wine “Rossese Dolceacqua” the first DOC wine of Liguria. Each year about 300,000 bottles produced and only half go on sale. It is a wine with a ruby ​​red color and smooth taste, aromatic and sweet.

Website: http://www.dolceacqua.it/

Molini di Triora, Riviera dei Fiori

The mills of Triora (1 hour drive from the campground) is located in the heart of the valley,Argentina, and keeper of enchanting landscapes and medieval villages, only 7 km away from the beaches of Arma di Taggia and San Remo.

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Diving Courses Pianeta blu

Diving school Pianeta Blu was founded in 1995 with great love and passion for the sea, snorkeling and diving. It is with pleasure runed by Manuela and Luca, both instructors. Their greatest satisfaction is the smile of the divers after a dive and a day spent with them. “Thanks to the nice weather in our area, we are active from April to December, as long as the weather permits of course. Every year we organize special group tours around the world: Italy, Spain, Red Sea, Maldives, Malaysia, Galapagos … You can subscribe to our mailing list or check out our website. With us you can expect beautiful diving, diving courses at all levels, and finding new friends. A young, dynamic, friendly team, combined with reliability, competence and professionalism.

Website: www.pianetablu.com

Villa Eva

Villa Eva
The brand new Beach Hotel / Restaurant Villa Eva is located right on the beach of “Latte” (Ventimiglia – Imperia) just 10 meters from the sea. It has a beautiful private sandy beach with palm trees and a beautiful sea view. There is a swimming pool, changing rooms with hot and cold shower cabins, space for 400 seats inside and 200 outside, 300 relaxation beds, parasols and cushions around the pool.

Restaurant and a snack bar open at all hours, private parking. happy hour at the bar. An ideal location for parties, birthdays and weddings!
In the gazebo on the lawn surrounded by palm trees and olive trees and wonderful views over the bay. The hotel has five rooms and suites, fully equipped and modern technology. WiFi Internet is available throughout the hotel, including the park and the beach.

Website: www.villaevahotels.it/

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