Itinerari Turistici in Monaco, Monte-Carlo

The Principality of Monaco

The Principality of Monaco (only 20 km from the site Por la Mar) is a small independent monarchy with the borders of France, surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea.

In Monte Carlo you find yourself in a dream because of the large offer of exclusive services, including casinos, sports cars, and countless other activities that bind to the world of luxury. Monaco also features much events and art. The peace, security and cleanliness of the place, makes the Principality of Monaco and Monte Carlo, a popular destination for foreign visitors.

Ufficio di Turismo di Monaco:2 A, Boulevard des Moulins 98000 – Monaco.
Tél: +(377) 92 16 61 16

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Monaco-Ville, la Rocca

Monaco-Ville is the old center of the Principality of Monaco, situated on the original fortified settlement and the center of the small state.

The old town can be viewed through the old narrow streets leading to the Place Saint Nicolas, the Prince’s Palace, City Hall, Government House, the National Council (Parliament of Monaco), the Palace of Justice and the Cathedral and the Oceanographic Museum.

Monte-Carlo Casino

On the “Place du Casino” ameravigliato’ll in front of the masterpiece of architect Charles Garnier: Monte-Carlo Casino, built in 1863. The casino is perhaps the most famous attraction of the whole principality, and is visited by thousands of people who try their luck and a visit to the exclusive Hotel de Paris in Casino Square.

Tel. : + 377 98 06 21 21

Formula 1 Grand Prix

The race of the Principality, held on a street circuit of only 3.34 km in length (the shortest route in the world), is always very exciting because, of the short streets and narrow curves.
The emotions are running high.

The track, which winds through the streets of the old city. Sharp turns and sudden rises above and almost total absence of escapes, and finally the sharp bend and most feared and unpredictable from the tobacco shop.


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